Website Proposal: Rocket Towing & Recovery

From: David Bibby    Ph: 407-803-1952

To: Dalton Russell and Team members

First… I’d like to say thank you Dalton for helping me a few weeks ago when I needed my Kia towed over to Gerber Collision and Glass. Since the car was home and I work at home, I wasn’t in a rush. But I had to leave to pick up my daughter from her job and while I was gone you arrived. You patiently waited for me for 15 minutes, before I could get back home to give you the keys and complete the job. You were professional, polite, and easy to have a conversation with.

After my daughter’s fender bender with my car, I did not expect to have GREAT customer service throughout the process after. All-State, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Gerber Collision and Glad, AND Rocket Towing all provided excellent customer service. We don’t always find that dealing with local businesses though, and this is why I want to work with you.

This is what I can do for you...

1. I can build a kick-ass website that outshines the competition. I’ll make use of any pictures, videos, and other content you’ll like to include. 

2. I can get your business listed in all 80 top business directories (and then work on the 200 smaller ones). There are other Rocket Towing & Recovery businesses across the country, but we want YOURS to come up first when people search for it.

3. I can get your social media presence established beyond Facebook and Instagram. Again, when people hear Rocket Towing, we want them thinking of you.

4. I can get your website on the 1st page of search results when someone asks for “Towing in Melbourne” , “Palm Bay Towing”, “Brevard county wreckers”…. etc.  You get the idea. Right now Imperial Towing and a couple of others are leading, but they can be beat with time and effort.

I can fix a bad reputation.

^ You can't get rid of bad reviews like these ^

You need lots and lots of 4-5 star reviews to counter this.
I can build a system that encourages and collects these reviews.

As you can see, there's so much that can be done to increase exposure and awareness of your business online. No one single action is going to make all that much difference. It is the accumulation of all of these tiny actions that will eventually bring a tipping point, and when that happens your phone will never stop ringing.

So what now?

Over the phone I quoted you price of $500 for a one-time setup cost + $100 per month for hosting, maintenance, licensing, and time spent on business building activities. 

This quote is for the Rocket Towing website. I understand that you also have a 2nd business operating a car wash. I can include that also and waive the $500 setup cost for a 2nd site, but I would need to cover the hosting, maintenance, licensing, and time.

The Quote:

1 Site: Rocket Towing
($500 One Time Setup Cost + $100 Monthly)

2 Sites: Rocket Towing + Additional Website
($1000 $500 One Time Setup Cost + $200 Monthly)

# of Sites

1 Site: Rocket Towing

One Time Setup Cost


Monthly Costs


2 Sites: Rocket Towing + Another Site



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