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Hi! I’m David Bibby. I help small outdoor service-based businesses gain exposure through a combination of Website Design and Online Marketing.

I have recently started a case study with two local businesses owners in the Brevard County Area. These folks have started working for themselves to try to earn a better living and provide for their families. To that end, I am helping them grow their business with every tool in my toolbox. At the present time, I can take on 2 more businesses to participate in this case study. If you feel likeĀ  you meet these qualifications and would like to be considered, please fill out this form below and we will schedule a call to talk about it.

Qualification for the Case Study

– Must be a local outdoor service-based business serving Brevard County, FL.

– Must NOT be a franchise, national brand, or network marketing business (i.e. Amway, Mary-Kay, etc.)

– Either you do not have a website OR you have an underperforming website.

– Willing to put in time and effort to growing your business

– Must have less than 3 employees.

What can I expect from this Case Study?

This case study is a long term commitment. We’re talking nine to twelve months of work on your part and mine. The aim will be to grow your business with a newly designed website, magnify your presence on facebook, and establish you as an authority on YouTube. The combination of these three things will bring to you all the business you can handle.

I will guide you through the process, and I will perform ALL of the background technical stuff that has to happen to establish and implement your website, facebook, and YouTube settings. I will make tweaks, monitor performance, add new content, look for opportunities, and keep you informed. I will also make videos for facebook and Youtube with any pictures and videos you send to me.

Your job will be to concentrate on providing the best customer service possible, and ask for reviews from time to time. You will post on facebook at least once a week, and send me pictures and video of the jobs you do.

We will have bi-weekly check-ins to talk about what’s working and make course corrections.

With concentrated effort on both our parts, your business will gain exposure in Google, Facebook, and YouTube to such a degree that you may need to add additional staff (a family member, or hired help.)

Alright then... how much is this gonna cost me?

As much as I wish that I could run this case study for free, there are still costs to secure and maintain a website, and licensing for the numerous tools I use to deliver results to my clients.

I will be donating 100% of my time, and offer you a deep discount (almost 90%!) off for setup fees and monthly maintenance. This is why I can only take on 4 total businesses for this case study. To do more, I would not break-even.

My commitment to you is that I will take out all the stops and use every means necessary to bring new clients to you, to more than make up for your setup and maintenance fees.

Let’s get together and talk about it. We’ll determine if this case study is right for you.

I'm interested... Where do I sign up?

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