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Business Questionnaire

Hello, I'm David.

The following questionnaire will help me understand your business a little bit better, so that I can put together a solutions package that’s right for you.

Some businesses may already be doing key activities very well and don’t need my help in those areas. Others are just getting their business off the ground and need to concentrate on the day to day running of it, while I do all the “behind-the-scenes” work that grows the business and multiplies their exposure.

Let’s put together a package that tailor-made for you. As you answer these questions, just relax and know that this isn’t a test. There’s no right and wrong answer here. This is just an informal query to help me get to know you and your business.

Business Questionnaire

Let's talk about your services next and the prices you charge for them. List up to 5 services and specify the price range for each. What is your ideal price point?

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I look Forward to Talking with you.