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Calling all Authors!

Hello, I'm David.

When I’m feeling inspired, I have this very strong urge to create something out of thin air. It’s the drive that compels a painter to paint, and an author to write. For me, it’s digital creations. Whether I’m making a website for an author, or a 3D video for a local business, or a poster for my wife’s Zumba class, the desire to create is very strong within me. 

To me, novels of all genres is ART. I believe that your website should reflect the artist in you. Whether you have published one book or twenty, your art and the characters you bring to life are special. It’s my mission to bring your books to life online with a unique custom website design and marketing strategies.

Active Client: Author Connie Lafortune!

When it comes down to it, you need...

Your Own Platform!

Your website IS your platform. It’s THE central hub from which your message can reach the world. It’s essential that your base of operations exists in a space that YOU own! Why? For starters:
  • You can grow your mailing list and send them all a newsletter email whenever you want.
  • You can tie all of your social media.
  • You can post a curated list of your best reviews.
  • You can sell swag!
  • You can sell signed copies of your books!
  • You can post Podcast Interviews!
  • You can blog and journal your work-in-progress, or your family life, or whatever you want to share with your fan base.
  • Possibilities: Endless!

Aaand… having a website also protects you from THESE scenarios:

  • If you get thrown in facebook jail… you still have a voice.
  • If twitter deletes your account and all of your followers… you can start and new one and ask your newletter subscribers to follow you again.
  • If Amazon pulls all your books off the site… you can STILL sell your books via other methods.
  • If Amazon deletes all of your reviews, you won’t get them back, but they can’t touch your site!

Sure, these scenarios may be unlikely, but they DO happen on occasion. The bottom line here is that when you use someone else’s platform: Facebook, Amazon, etc.. you do not have complete control over your livelihood. With your own platform (your website), you’re in control.

Let’s talk about your goals, dreams, and your business as an author! It’s a free call and I’m happy to help you take the next steps as you bring your books to more and more readers. Even if you already have a website or you’re not ready to get one yet, I’m here for you. Click this button below to schedule a time to talk!


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